Xbox One Sales Double in June

The Xbox One is the new next generation video game console being offered by Microsoft. It was first released back on November 21st, 2013 and quickly sold five hundred thousand units within its first month of being available on the market. Even though the Xbox One has sold well it still hasn’t sold anywhere near the amount that the Playstation 4 has until now. Last month in early June Microsoft revealed that they would be offering a Xbox One without a Kinect. This new version of the Xbox One would only cost $400 which is less than the Playstation 4 in some countries. Due to this price decrease the Xbox One sales have doubled in June and July.


Microsoft didn’t reveal as to how many Xbox One’s they have sold within the last month. Instead all they had to say was the following, “We are thrilled to announce that since we released the Xbox One without Kinect on June 9th the sales for the Xbox One has more than doubled. This was our hope when we announced this incredible deal, we hoped that it would bring more gamers to the Xbox One and that we would be able to gain our core gaming audience once again.”

Sony also has been planning to release a cheaper version of the Playstation 4 which would come with less memory on purchase day but would have an expandable memory capability. This means you could save a bit of money when you first purchased your Playstation 4 and then purchase more memory if you fill up your hard drive.