US Senator John McCain was caught during the Syria Hearing while he was playing Poker on his mobile

The famous US Senator John McCain was just caught while he was playing free poker on his iPhone. He was part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the debate regarding a possible military action in Syria.

The Washington Post photographer managed to get a good picture of the Senator while he was playing free poker on his mobile phone. All this happened in a 3 hour meeting. This news managed to reach the press and it was all over the media.

Right after the picture was revealed by the press, McCain sent a tweet message saying ironically that he was caught playing an iPhone game during a Senate hearing that took more than 3 hours and the worst thing about it is that he lost.

McCain admitted without any problems the fact that he was playing the game because he was bored during the meeting. A meeting that was full of debates on whether the US should launch an important military strike in Syria, right after many people were killed due to gas attacks against the citizens of Syria.