UKash Purchased

Skrill, formally known as money bookers made a major announcement today which shocked the online gambling market. Skrill has purchased Ukash, one of their major competitors. It was revealed today that they have signed a deal to acquire the voucher company for an undisclosed amount. Many people are curious as to how many Skrill is paying in order to acquire Ukash and what they will do with the pre-paid cash company in the future.


Skrill stands as one of the largest online banking transaction service companies in the industry. Though they offer their services to many different areas of the internet their largest market in the online gambling industry. It seems that Skrill is purchasing up their competition in order to acquire the entire market and just not one company as last year they purchase PaySafeCard. That acquisition is still going through its approval but it seems that in a number of years time Skrill plans on becoming the main entity in the market.

Skrill has yet to make any statements regarding their moves in the future but the CEO of Skrill did note that they are planning a high growth in the pre-payment market. That Skrill wants to become the world’s largest online cash replacement company in the world. This wouldn’t be a bad thing through as Skrill is by far the safest method if you are an online gambler and if they consumed the market you wouldn’t have to worry about any issues with your transactions in the future. We shall keep you updated on if Skrill makes any future acquisitions.