The different types of horses and their classes

There is a large variety of different classes for horse racing. It depends on what league the horses are racing on, how big they are, how fast they are, how strong they are and so many different things. There are so many different classes that we could not explain all of them in one article. We have chosen to instead provide you with information on the top three most common classes of horse racing.

Different horses and their classes:

Maiden races are for those new top quality horses who have yet to seriously hit the scene of horse racing but are expected to win quickly, become better racing horses and provide more wins for the gamblers. These horses are the young ones who will one day become the superstars are the horse racing sport.

Claiming race is for those who are looking to buy a horse to not only love but to race at the same time. These horses have a price tag to them and they race to find themselves a new owner who will love them with everything they are. Every horse within the race are working their hardest to find someone who will provide them with the best quality life they possibly can. These horses believe it or not know they are stars and these horses can reach a very high price tag in a matter of a couple of seconds within the race. You can see a horse go from the original asking price of $1,000 to as much as $100,000. These people who are looking to buy themselves one of the best horses in the world are more than prepared to put up one hundred thousand dollars for the horse.

Allowance races are the next level up from claiming races. These horses will not be for sale but instead these races will have a certain set of rules to them. These rules will be that the horses who are winning often will have to have weights on them. This will allow for the horses to become much stronger and faster. Though, if the horse is having a losing streak due to the weights they will be able to get an allowance. This allowance will be removing five, ten, fifteen pounds off of the horse. This is one of the forms of racing that allows the owners to not only make the horse strong but to make the race faster for them. Horses realize they are fast and the best ones realize how easy it is for them to win. Make it a little bit more difficult and a challenge for them the horses will have more fun.

We hope this article gives you a sense of the different types of horses and their classes. Horse racing is always growing and every single day new people are finding out about the joys of horse racing and what it has to offer to them. We also hope that you come back to our website to get all of the information that you will need dealing with horse racing.