Ten New Comic Book Shows Coming To Television

Comic Book Television Shows have proven that they can not only become popular but gain a massive following of fans. Television shows such as Arrow and Agents of Shield continue to gain popularity with each passing episode as these shows are packed full of action, suspenseful moments and emotional tie-ins between the characters.

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There are ten new comic book based television shows that are being released this year. The first show which will be released is “The Defenders” and it will be released on Netflix. The show takes four characters and puts them in a team. These characters includes Iron Fist, Jessica Jonas, Daredevil and Luke Cage.

The second show is Constantine and it’s being released on NBC. The shows tells the tale of John Constantine, a man who becomes powerful in the arts of exorcism and defends the world from evil forces. The third show and one of the most highly anticipated shows in 2014 is “The Flash”. You get to watch Grant Gustin save the world with his super speed in this new film.

Other shows that will be released in a Comic Book fashion this year includes Powers, iZombie, Agent Carter, Scalped, Gotham, Preacher and Hourman. The majority of these shows are being released by DC Comics or Marvel Comics. The DC Comics based shows include Gotham, Hourman and The Flash. Marvel on the other hand is only creating Daredevil, The Defends and Agent of Carter. You can watch each one of these shows come September.