Sniper Elite 3 Lets You Kill Hitler

Sniper Elite stands as the most popular world war two franchise in the world right now. This franchise boasts incredible visuals which makes you feel as if you are truly in World War II, fighting off Nazi soldiers in the trenches. You take on the role of Steve Henry, a veteran sniper who has been around for all of the massive battles in world war two. As an older solider in the war now your skills are refined, your senses are refined and your able to cope with anything that comes your way.

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite 3 was recently announced and this installment in the franchise is said to be the last in the World War II Era. During this installment players will be able to finally take the life of Hitler, during the final level of the game you storm Berlin and the bunker in which Hitler is hiding out. On your way to the bunker you see Hitler running through the halls of his headquarters and your able to choose if you’d like to snipe him out from a difference or wait till the bunker to get up close and personal. It should be noted that by going up close and personal it makes ending the game that much harder.

A Spokesman for Sniper Elite 3 said the following, “We wanted to end this trilogy in the best way ever, we wanted our fans to feel satisfied by the ending of the trilogy and we wanted to leave it so that players could look forward to the Vietnam Era of our Sniper Elite Franchise. You will have to wait to play the game to see how we did that.”