Queens Grandson

The Queen’s Grandson, Peter Phillips has been confirmed to be hired on by Chinese Authorities to launch the new horse racing industry in China. This new horse racing industry in China is being created to rival Britain’s, China is doing this in hopes that they’ll be able to earn a large revenue just as Britain does with their horse racing industry. The fact that Peter Phillips is heading this new industry though has started some family drama though as he is somewhat going against the state of Britain.

Peter Phillips

The China Jockey Club will now has Peter Phillips stand as their global ambassador. In return for being their ambassador he will be able to have considerable share options in the new industry. This could prove to be a major investment for the young man as if this industry turns to be profitable he will be able to sell these shares for a large amount of money. This will make Peter Phillips the first real entrepreneur in the Royal Family in decades, it seems that with his power he doesn’t plan to look like another average member of the Royal Family but he plans on becoming rich.

This is a smart thing for Peter Phillips to do as there is a very small chance that he will ever become the King of England. Even if he did become the king he could earn more money through good business ventures. We’ll update you on what Peter Phillips plans to do next as a young entrepreneur.