Playboy Poker & Casino Gran Madrid Poker Closing

It was revealed this week that two beloved online poker halls will be closing their doors later on this month. The announcement that Playboy Poker and Casino Grand Madrid Poker will be closing their doors as of July 27th came as a major shock to fans.

Casino Gran Madrid

Those loyal punters who regularly gamble at these two casinos were informed by a notice on both of these poker halls webpages. The statement read “Playboy Poker will be surrendering their gaming license as of July 27th. All players are advised to withdraw any funds left in their accounts” Normally when an online casino, poker hall or bingo hall are closing their doors for good they make the announcement through an email to affiliates. Instead Playboy & Grand Madrid Poker both decided to let the affiliates know through the same method as their players. This is receiving some backlash towards the two poker firms but due to their closure this is an issue they aren’t going to resolve.

Players will have until the end of July 27th, 2015 to continue to play at Playboy Poker while with Casino Grand Madrid Poker punters will have until July 31st. First you must bypass the notice of course, the 27th and 31st will also be the last days that players have the opportunity to withdraw any funds. Those who are on vacations or away other matters and can’t access this site or know of the notice can contact both sites through their support email after the sites have closed.