PC Games Sell More Than Console Games

Today PCR, A technology based website released an article written by David Cole, a member of the DFC Intelligence. The article states that PC Gaming sells more games than consoles, the reason for this is because Consoles are considered to be a luxury item that not everyone can afford while PC’s are considered to be more of necessity.

DFC Intelligence

The article reads that only a couple of years ago the roles were reversed. Consoles were cheaper than Personal Computers and offered more gaming content. Unfortunately console games now expect the best out of their consoles, demanding games that look beyond realistic. This in return has meant that these consoles need to boast better internals so that the games can run these high intensive graphics.

Personal Computers have become a norm in the house hold now and almost everyone around the globe now owns one. Gaming services such as Steam have allowed for regular PC Users to purchase quality games that are also available on consoles such as Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The best thing about Steam is that they boast new sales every single week, this in return allows for you to save a large amount of money with the games you purchase. PC Games on Steam don’t have to account for the disk, case and booklets into the price. Thus by allowing for everything to be cheaper.

If you would like to begin gaming on your PC but don’t want to use a keyboard and mouse. You need not to worry as Microsoft allows for PC Gamers to use the Xbox 360 controller on their computer.