Mobile Sportsbetting Being Taken On By Danske Spil

Danske Spil, a well known gambling operator in Holland announced earlier on in the month that they have been in talks to create their own mobile sportsbetting platform with the help of Mkodo and OpenBet. Those talks have now been finalized and Danske Spil has announced they will begin creating their mobile sportsbetting platform on April 1st, 2014.

Map of Halland

This new mobile application will be created in an HTML5 format, this app will allow for punters to wager on their favorite sports events while they are on the go. You could be in a Plane going to China with WIFI or you can be on the Subway going home, regardless you will be able to make a bet on a live sports events. There are several other providers for this kind of gambling service online but the majority of them don’t have the reputation that Danske Spil has earned. Danske Spil has also said that they will bring in new developers so that they can make new innovative features for their future sportsbetting application.

Senior Vice President of Technology for OpenBet, Nikos Kryvossidis took to the media after the announcement was made by Danske Spil saying, “Oddset will be the name for our new mobile sportsbetting application. When we deploy this application we will be providing a variety of promotions alongside owners of certain sports teams in order to bring more attention to the application. We have high hopes that our punters will love this experience through and through.”