Macau has huge revenues in August

One of the top Asian wagering destinations is Macau and they have just announced that in August they had their second largest amount revenue. Macau saw a revenue jump of over seventeen percent for the month of August.

Macau actually brought in an astonishing amount of Patacas for the month of August. Government officials confirmed the seventeen percent increase and over 30 billion patacas in revenue. This was seen as good news considering recent times has seen a decline in revenues in Macau. The increase in revenue is a positive boost to the economy there and confirmation that the city and its largest form of entertainment is alive and doing well.

This is especially important considering additional casinos are on the books or in the process of being built and the increase in revenue will help calm nervous waters.
Macau still stands today as one of the world’s greatest gaming destinations within the world and it easily is triumphing Las Vegas in their revenue. If you want a world class experience in gambling you go to Macau.