How to train your horse

Horse being trainedTraining a huge creature such as a horse can be an extremely difficult thing for one person. These create are massive, strong, fast, intelligent and they love to play around with their owners. This means that it can be extremely hard to get a hold of your horse and start the means of training them for horse racing.

Getting the horse under control:

The first thing that you will need to do to train your horse is get a hold of it. You must teach the horse that you are its owner and that what you say goes. Of course this doesn’t mean you go off and cause the horse physical damage. We highly disagree with the abuse of any animal that hasn’t attacked you or shown you any harm what so ever. One of the best ways that you can show the horse that you are in control is by providing it with a course to run and jump on. You will need to run and jump a long side your horse with a treat in hand. This will teach the horse what you want it to do and the rewards it has to offer in the long run of things. Horses consider treats like money every animal does. You aren’t just providing the horse with a treat but you are providing it with something that it truly loves. This will not only make your horse loyal to you, but it will train it and it will allow for you to have control in a lot of different situations.

Your horse has finally gotten under your control and you are well on your way to training your horse for the big leagues. The big leagues though will require the horse to be faster, stronger and more elite then the rest. One of the best ways that you can make your horse faster and stronger is by adding weight to the horse. The reason for this is not only because will there be a jockey on the horse but the terrain of each course will be different. So when you add an extra five pounds every single time the horse gets back to its regular speed it will allow for the horse to be faster. This is because when the horse is actually racing they won’t have the added extra weight on them and they will already be so extremely used to a jockey due to the fact that you’ve been riding the horse for the majority of its life so far.

These are the two most humane, friendly, loving and effective ways that you can train yourself. It will not only create you a bond with an extremely huge creature that will love for you its entire life but it will also allow for your horse to become a superstar racer. This will make your horses life considerably better and it will make your life considerably better as well. This is the best outcome of any situation that has to deal with horse racing.