Horse Race Betting

The sport of horse racing, as defined by, is not only about picking the horse with the coolest name, there is plenty more to consider. Basic steps are involved when you are looking to win and the basic steps should be followed before you wager on any race.

The decisions starts with what kind of bet, this includes a large variety of options and a combination variety. The straight bet is the most uncomplicated and involves a bet on the horse you selected to win the race. The Superfecta allows the selection of 4 horses and you wager on the positions from 1st to 4th that they will finish in. As the name says this is a super difficult pick and pays out super big depending on the odds per horse. The Trifecta is set on 3 horses and again you wager on the 1st 3 horses with great payouts and astronomical wins should the horses be from a range of high odds. However you sure need to understand the odds before you enter the world of horse racing and well before you place your bets. Should a horse be on the odds list as a 4 to 1, it tells the better that he could make a profit of $4 on the dollar an as most tracks sets the minimum bet on $2 it means you will make double the odds on your bet. For example if you selected a horse with odds of 4/1, the price money is $10 when you win and the profit of $8 is what you walk away with. If you decide to place a bet of $10 on a horse the payout will be multiplied by 5.

Research is needed and the horse you like’s odds are normally a good indicator of the horses history and where it is expected to end up in the race. I a horse holds odds of 2/1 it means he is considered to have a much bigger chance of winning than the horse in the same race with odds of 30/1. Should you pick the 30/1 horse your winnings will be high if he does win the race. More importantly it is good to check the horse you like, read up on the last few races and how he performed there. The jockey is most important and if you are not familiar with jockeys read up on the one who is riding your favorite. Both the weight of the horse and jockey is important. Most experts agree that a horse who has had a race in the last 28 days is favorable as it is in good shape. Also take into consideration how many horses is lined up for the race. The more contestants the harder the winning choice becomes and race histories could be compared to give some indication. On the horses form a D indicates that that particular horse have won on the distance before, a C indicates that the horse won on the same track before.

The more you play the more familiar you would become with the jockeys and horses and betting choices becomes easier with a lot more winning opportunities. Another form of enjoyment for horse racing fans is slots that use this sport within the context of its theme. One such site promoting this style of game is They not only include helpful articles and information about slots and the casinos available to play with but a have added a recent article titled Enjoy Horse Racing Themed Slots. While there, be sure you check out the many offers they have available and you could be off to the races!