Great Camping Activities for Children

Camping is one of those things that stay imprinted in a child’s memory. Every child loves the idea of going camping, swimming, hiking and playing sports with their family. We all remember sitting by the camping fire, roasting some marshmallows or making some hot dogs. Its these memories that bring a smile to our faces when we are in a bad mood.
Mommy’s little helper.

One of the things your child will want to do is help you set up the tent, make the fire, help you cook and more. So let your children have chores while they are camping. This will not only keep them in line but it will make them feel like mommy or daddy’s little helper. Let your younger children do the little things such as setting up the tent while you’re older children can set up the fire or prepare to make some food for the family.

7 things to keep kids entertained while camping

Down below we have given you some suggestions on what you can do to keep your children occupied while they are camping. Remember there are a ton of nature oriented activities for your children to enjoy but there is also manmade activities for your children to enjoy as well.

1. One of the best things to do while your camping with your children is go for short hikes with them. These short hikes will allow for you to teach your children the different kind of leafs on the tree’s, the different kind of Animals in the forest, the different kind of bugs and the different kind of plants. This is a great way to educate your children while making them still have a good time.

2. While on these walks you should get your children to collect the different leaves, fallen nests, stones, feathers, flowers and more that they find. This will them a collection of goodies from camping and it will allow for them to remember what you have taught them.

3. Another fun activity for the kids is going for a picnic. Choose a location away from the camp grounds so that your family can be alone. Pack some sandwiches, fruit, chips, drinks or more. Then just enjoy the meal out in the nature.

4. One of the best activities for a young child is a maple leaf rubbings. What this means is that you will need to have a light piece or paper, put a leaf under the paper and then sketch over it. The end result will be a sketching of the leaf you just picked up.

5. You never know when the weather is going to get bad which is why you should bring some of your children’s favorite board games. This way you can still have a fun time when you have to stay in the tent or RV.

6. When dinner is done and it’s a bit later into the night make a fire, bring the kids around the fire and then start roasting some hot dogs, make smore’s and so much more.

7. Another thing you can do in order to keep our children entertained on a rainy day is bring their favorite books. You will want to keep your children entertained so that they don’t get restless.