Four States against online gambling

A survey held and made by the Tarrance group revealed today that four states in the US are against online gambling of any kind. The survey was made over phone and only had roughly two thousand participants in it. The states involved in this survey were Kentucky, Pennsylvania, California and Virginia.

The poll showed a variety of different things. Voters in these states prefer land based gambling with over fifty person of the people surveyed agreeing. Sixty percent of the people surveyed though said that they don’t approve of online gambling and wouldn’t want that form of gambling in their states. The citizens of these four states also were asked which kind of gambling they prefer the most. The result of that question was land based poker. These states tend to be more traditional in their actions, waiting for other states to make the move and then these states follow. This eventually means online gambling will come to California, Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The states of Virginia and Kentucky are two states that still to this day support the ban of online gambling. Their ideals haven’t changed since the original ban of online gambling in the USA over several years ago.