Deal or No Deal Jackpot Taken at Jackpot Joy

Yet again another progressive has been won at the properly named online casino “Jackpot Joy”. This progressive was won on Deal or No Deal, the 5p Jackpot was won allowing for the winning player to take won a total of €180,449. This is an impressive win that’ll surely benefit whomever won in a great manner.

Jackpot Joy

Most of the personal details regarding this progressive win aren’t being released. The identity and location of the winning player aren’t being released by JackpotJoy. We do know that this is the one hundred and forty first time that the progressive has been won for this slot. This jackpot pays out $97,981 on a regular basis and this progressive in won normally every two weeks. It’s also a slot that is exclusive to JackpotJoy.

The winning punter did make a short statement saying, “Luckily I am one of the winning players, and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. My wife and I will be going on a vacation while the rest of the money will be put into savings. I’d like to thank Jackpot Joy for this opportunity.”

The Deal or No Deal slot is based around the famed gameshow which was once hosted by Howie Mandel. This slots progressive is triggered when punters open a variety of suitcases until they open a suitcase with a jackpot symbol. Those whom want to play this slot can only do so at Jackpot Joy, registering with the casino only takes a few moments to complete and hundreds of casino games will be at the players finger tips.