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Leap Gaming & iForium Enter Content Deal

The betting group known as iForium announced today that they’ve entered a content supply agreement with Leap Gaming. This’ll see iForium porting over all of Leap’s virtual sports titles to it’s gambling platform “Gameflex”.

Leap Gaming is a developer that’s operated in the online gambling market for the last decade. During those ten years their library of casino games has exceeded 3,000. This developer is based out of Israel, it’s emphasis is now being placed into their 3D products. This new deal will only be providing the sports products they’ve designed to iForium. This is by choice though as iForium is focusing on its sporting betting portion on the Gameflex library.


Phil Parry, the CEO at iForium commented on this announced saying, “I’m thrilled about this collaboration with Leap Gaming. Their virtual sports products are the best in their breed of games, they offer a fully realized gambling experience. Allowing for players to play from both the web and mobile devices. We can’t wait to see as to how our players react to these new games & we look forward to working alongside Leap Gaming in the future.”

Playing these new titles is easy as one, two, three. All that needs to be done is sign up with a casino that is supporting the Gameflex platform, there’ll be more thousands of different titles for players to enjoy. Leap Gaming & iForium will surely continue to work alongside one another to provide exciting gambling experiences in the near as well as distant future.

Plants Vs Zombies Jackpot Awarded at Sky Vegas

Plants Vs Zombies stands as one of the most popular mobile games in history, it stands tied for most popular with Angry Birds. There are countless toys, shirts and more revolving around the brand. So much so that there is even a PS4 Multiplayer game based around the PVZ world with a second one on the way. One of the forms of entertainment that this brand has transferred over to is also online gambling.


There is a video slot exclusive to Sky Vegas & a few other online casinos based around the hit mobile game and today one fortunate punter triggered £148,837 while playing this slot. He done is through the progressive jackpot. This isn’t the largest win to ever take place through this slots progressive though, the largest is £614,149 which is an astonishing amount of money regardless of where you live.

The winning punter, who is choosing to remain anonymous to the public did make a short statement, “This was only my second time playing this slot, my fourth time gambling online. I like the mobile game, I have number one and two but I never lot I would’ve won this kind of money. I’m shocked, I can’t come to terms with it.”
It seems that this winning player is beyond the aspect of thrilled at this win. Those players whom gamble professionally must be shocked by this win as normally new time players have beginner luck but nowhere to this level. Play this slot today at Sky Vegas Casino.

Deal or No Deal Jackpot Taken at Jackpot Joy

Yet again another progressive has been won at the properly named online casino “Jackpot Joy”. This progressive was won on Deal or No Deal, the 5p Jackpot was won allowing for the winning player to take won a total of €180,449. This is an impressive win that’ll surely benefit whomever won in a great manner.

Jackpot Joy

Most of the personal details regarding this progressive win aren’t being released. The identity and location of the winning player aren’t being released by JackpotJoy. We do know that this is the one hundred and forty first time that the progressive has been won for this slot. This jackpot pays out $97,981 on a regular basis and this progressive in won normally every two weeks. It’s also a slot that is exclusive to JackpotJoy.

The winning punter did make a short statement saying, “Luckily I am one of the winning players, and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. My wife and I will be going on a vacation while the rest of the money will be put into savings. I’d like to thank Jackpot Joy for this opportunity.”

The Deal or No Deal slot is based around the famed gameshow which was once hosted by Howie Mandel. This slots progressive is triggered when punters open a variety of suitcases until they open a suitcase with a jackpot symbol. Those whom want to play this slot can only do so at Jackpot Joy, registering with the casino only takes a few moments to complete and hundreds of casino games will be at the players finger tips.

Fairy Tales Progressive Jackpot Taken at Paddy Power

One fortunate online punter at Paddy Power has been able to trigger a life altering amount of money while playing Sinbad’s Gold. This punter triggered the Fairy Tales Cross-Platform Progressive, winning €543,105 in the process. This is the first time that this progressive jackpot has been triggered since it was released to Paddy Power punters months ago.

Paddy Power

Unfortunately whomever triggered this progressive is choosing to remain anonymous in order to have not deal with the stress that comes from being rich instantly. Though this winning punter did say, “You can’t believe your eyes when it first happens, I’m still in shock. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with all this money, I got all my traveling done years ago and my mortgage has been paid off.” It’s obvious that whomever won this money is retired & is not in need of these kind of riches. Hopefully charity pays off from this punters big win.

Sinbad’s Gold for those whom might not know is a 5 reel, 40 payline video slot developed by Cayetano’s Gaming. Its theme is based around the famous traveller Sinbad & his adventures. This is why mythical creatures, boats, the sea & more as seen on the reels. There are wilds, scatters, free spins and a bonus round available to be triggered as well.

This game isn’t progressive, it’s only progressive on Paddy Power thanks to the “Fairy Tales Cross-Platform Progressive”. Those who wish to play this game must be located in the European Union & register an account with Paddy Power via a valid payment method.

Fireworks Released by Realistic Games

Realistic Games was pleased to announce the release of their newest slot “Fireworks”. This isn’t just their new slot for the month of October but it also stands as the first full-screen slot to be launched by this software developer.

Realistic Games

Fireworks is created with 5 reels, 10 paylines and a theme that’s based all around the colorful explosives that has brightened up the night sky throughout the decades. This game consists of a number of features including win multipliers, wild symbols and a bonus round that when set off allows for the reels to explode into fireworks. There is also a progressive jackpot that’s available to be triggered as well, possibly providing a life altering win to whomever plays this casino game.

As of right now this slot has been designed to mobile devices only and due to this can only be played as three different online casinos. Those casinos include BetVictor, Ladbrokes and Bet365. In order to experience this game players must either own and Android or Apple mobile based product.

The Commercial Director at Realistic Games, Andy Harris stated, “The anticipation to release this slot has been growing throughout the last few weeks. The multiple layers of excitement we’ve designed into this one game is exactly what gambling is all about. This is a casino game that appeals to all around the world and because of that Fireworks is our most brilliant title yet. We are very keen on making this one of our upcoming slot series if this game become popular.”

Full Tilt Jackpot Triggered by Canadian Man

One fortunate online punter from Ontario, Canada has been able to win a large amount of money. This hockey coach and Canadian citizen was playing at Full Tilt Poker when he triggered $233,852. This punter triggered “The Deal” progressive jackpot which is a common winner at Full Tilt.


This big winner isn’t new to large amounts of money as he is the owner of a restaurant in Toronto as well as a part-time hockey coach. He won this large prize while watching the Toronto Blue Jays vs Atlanta Braves baseball game that took place last week. This coach was playing poker while also watching this baseball game. At first he thought that he had only won $116 until he then realised it was a jackpot win, moments later he received an email from Full Tilt Poker where they notified him that he was a progressive jackpot winner. Contact information and various security details were also included within the email.

This winning punter who’s opted to remain anonymous stated, “I called my dad moments after I realised it was a jackpot win. I told him that I think I just won a jackpot on Full Tilt Poker. I’ve never played competitively, I like poker as a hobby. It’s like playing hockey or cards with my friends. I’m just happy to have won this jackpot. The Deal Jackpot is only triggered after players are provided with a royal flush that ends up hitting the jackpot symbol on the wheel of fortune. Play this game today at PokerStars or FullTilt.

Plants vs Zombies Jackpot Triggered at Sky Vegas

Plants vs Zombies has become a cult fanatic game that was first introduced through the iPhone & iPad as a mobile game. It’s now become a brand which has spawned off video games, cartoons, clothing and video slots as well. One fortunate punter was able to win £376,106 while playing the Plants vs Zombies video slot at Sky Vegas casino. Sky Vegas has yet to inform the public as to who triggered this progressive jackpot or any other information pertaining towards this win. We can confirm that this is the second largest progressive to ever be won through this video slot.


This 5 reel, 20 payline video slot takes players deeper into the world of “Plants vs Zombies”, this slot just doesn’t provide a progressive jackpot but it also provides punters with wilds, free spins and a bonus round. The inclusion of all these features has made this slot one of the more exciting available on the Blueprint Gaming repertoire. This game is essentially exclusive to Sky Vegas. Those who wish to have their luck at winning this progressive jackpot just have to sign up a player account with this casino. A welcome bonus will await those who register as will hundreds of different casino games. Video slots, table games, card games and arcade games are all available at the Sky Vegas Casino.

We’re awaiting for the information pertaining towards this jackpot win to be released to the general public. One that information is revealed you’ll be able to find all updates directly

Playboy Poker & Casino Gran Madrid Poker Closing

It was revealed this week that two beloved online poker halls will be closing their doors later on this month. The announcement that Playboy Poker and Casino Grand Madrid Poker will be closing their doors as of July 27th came as a major shock to fans.

Casino Gran Madrid

Those loyal punters who regularly gamble at these two casinos were informed by a notice on both of these poker halls webpages. The statement read “Playboy Poker will be surrendering their gaming license as of July 27th. All players are advised to withdraw any funds left in their accounts” Normally when an online casino, poker hall or bingo hall are closing their doors for good they make the announcement through an email to affiliates. Instead Playboy & Grand Madrid Poker both decided to let the affiliates know through the same method as their players. This is receiving some backlash towards the two poker firms but due to their closure this is an issue they aren’t going to resolve.

Players will have until the end of July 27th, 2015 to continue to play at Playboy Poker while with Casino Grand Madrid Poker punters will have until July 31st. First you must bypass the notice of course, the 27th and 31st will also be the last days that players have the opportunity to withdraw any funds. Those who are on vacations or away other matters and can’t access this site or know of the notice can contact both sites through their support email after the sites have closed.

$112,425 Triggered at Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is one of the champion online casinos within the North American online gambling sector. It seems that a progressive jackpot worth $112,425 has been triggered at the casino while one fortunate was playing Greedy Goblins. The win was reported to be worth $112,425, and while this is not a huge some in comparison to some jackpots, it is certainly one that added a smile to this players day.

Bovada Casino

Details on this progressive jackpot win have yet to be announced by Bovada Casino. What should be noted is that this is one of the largest progressive jackpots to be won at this casino since it opened their doors many years ago. We know that this lucky winner in JulineJ from the state of Texas who is surely enjoying her new found riches.
Greedy Goblins is the triggering slot, a 5 reel and 20 payline casino game that is created by BetSoft Gaming. Along the way various game features make appearances such as scatters, free spins, wilds and bonus rounds. The progressive on this game has been won dozens of times throughout the world but this is the first that that it’s ever been won at Bovada Casino. There is also a free version of the game that can be played.

Those wishing to try their hand at triggering the progressive jackpot at Greedy Goblins can easily do so. Players will just be required to make an account with a casino supporting the BetSoft Gaming Platform, to use a valid payment method and to provide the proper personal information. Once this has been completed the entire BetSoft Gaming platform will be available for online punters to enjoy from the comfort of their desktop or mobile phone.

Hooters Hotel Sells For $70 Million

Hooters Hotel

The Hooters Hotel was one of those that always was a gambling destination in Las Vegas for more than a decade but throughout the years it’s begun to be shadowed by big name casinos such as the “Aria” or the “Bellagio”. None the less this hotel has been acquired by the Trinity Hotel Investors Group for in excess of $70 Million, which is a low price. This means that this famous hotel & casino now has an uncertain future.

This casino, hotel plus resort was previously owned by the Canyon Capital Advisors of Las Angeles since 2012. This transfer in management occurred when the Hooters Hotel was foreclosed only months before. Since that takeover by Canyon Capital, they have been unsure as to if they should demolish this casino & rebuild a new one or sell it to a new investor. Their decision seems to be have made & Canyon Capital has been able to gain a small profit from Trinity Hotel’s.

This properties sale was originally posted for $53.8 Million which is the amount that Canyon Capital purchased Hooters Hotel for back in 2012. After a series of bids from multiple different investors Trinity was able to come out on top with their $70 Million bid. This in return has allowed for Canyon Capital to earn a nice $12 Million profit on their investment. That’s not bad for just allowing for a property to sit on the strip as an eye soar.

We’ll inform you as to what happens with the Hooters Hotel once more information is revealed regarding its future.