Bwin Mobile Apps

Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment made a shocking announcement earlier on this morning. Bwin revealed that their taking down two mobile applications from the iOS & Android Application Stores. These two apps that are being removed is “Sportster Bet” & the “Win” Facebook Application. The Win Facebook app can be accessed through either the desktop site or mobile Facebook app while Sportster has to be directly downloaded from either app stores.

Sportster Bet

Bwin.Party didn’t make any other comments regarding as to why their taking down these two applications. It could be a matter of geological concerns, tax concerns or a variety of other issues that can arise when operating an online casino. Both of these apps will be taken down on January 30th, 2015. It’s shocking to see Sportster already shut down as it was launched only in September of 2014, that’s not even six months of being available on the market. This has led analysts to believe that Bwin couldn’t turn a profit through this mobile app.

Bwin.Party also revealed last week that they’ll be selling their social gaming website “WIN” which is currently taking bids from Bwin.Party. This means that the WIN Facebook App has the opportunity of returning but there is no word on that as of right now. We shall inform you if anything changes with these apps being taken down within the next two weeks. Those who have money with the Sportster Bet app should remove their funds in the upcoming days if they wish to keep the money they once deposited.