Britain’s Wealthiest Includes Bet365 Family

The Sunday Times, a well known newspaper in the United Kingdom revealed their “Rich List” for 2014. One of the richest families in the United Kingdom is the owners of Bet365.


The Sunday Times Rich List showcases the one thousand richest families in Great Britain. The Coates Family, the owners of Bet365 now have jumped up in this list. Currently now standing in the 107th Position on the list.

The Coates Family is now worth an estimated £1.2 Billion, back in 2013 the family was only worth £925 million. They now stand as the first billionaire’s who’ve earned their money from online gambling. The Coates family is also the fourth richest families in the West Midlands.

The Coates Family when asked about being one of the richest families in the United Kingdom said the following, “We are honored to nearly be in one of the top hundred positions in the rich list for The Sunday Times. My father wasn’t able to make this money easily, it took years of hard work and a lot of effort on his behalf. Though my sister and I thank him for all of his hard work because due to that hard work we will be able to have a better life, have more opportunities in the future and do things that most people can’t do.”

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