BoyleSports To Expand

BoyleSports is a popular online casino which offers sports betting, poker, slots, table games, card games, bingo & a mobile platform as well. Their one of the more popular online casinos in the United Kingdom and for a long period of time they’ve wanted to expand their operations into the United Kingdom. Due to the UK Gambling Market now being regulated BoyleSports founder John Boyle has said that he will make the push to expand their operations into the UK.


This information was revealed after John Boyle made a statement in the Irish Independent. He noted that his group is planning on purchasing a massive betting firm that operates in the UK currently. This way BoyleSports will be able to gain a large portion of the market share. As of right now BoyleSports operates 200 Sports Betting shops in Ireland & operates their casino across various countries in the European Union.

John Boyle also noted that after he is able to expand BoyleSports into the United Kingdom he will be retiring from his position as CEO. This means that a new CEO will be making its way to BoyleSports which can result in new & unique things coming to the casino in the not so distant future. Those wishing to play at BoyleSports can do so by signing up a player account with the casino. You will be pleased to know that you can receive a special Sign Up Bonus for any of the various games that they offer.