Border Towns In New Jersey Potentially Will Be Shut Down

This month saw the soft launch of online gambling in New Jersey. There is still a lot of heat and news circling around the web about the new legal online gambling in New Jersey. Of course this online gambling is only legal on a state level and has yet to be supported by the federal government.

The last week was a bit of a scare for online gamblers living on border towns within New Jersey. These residents might not be able to access legal online gambling due to how close they reside to New York State. Geolocation firms are hard at work solving this solution for players located in these area’s.

The reasoning for the service gap for online gambling in these border towns is become internet providers are bound by certain borders. If you go past a certain point there is a chance that players in either New York, Delaware or Pennsylvania to gamble legally as well. Until the Geolocation firms figure everything out players in these border towns won’t be able to gamble like they want to.

Players who are located within the no play zone will of course be able to move outside of these borders and go to any sort of cafe that provides players with a wifi connection. As time goes on everything will be figured out for these players so that they may fully access online gambling in the state of New Jersey.