Betfair Financials Increase By 2%

Betfair isn’t your normal online gambling firm, they don’t have low player activity and their revenue is generally one that increases each year. The reason for this is because Betfair is popular in the U.K, which has a large gambling market. British Punters have embraced Betfair as their own which has allowed for the gambling firm to post strong earnings year after year.

Betfair logo

Betfair revealed their latest financial postings for the month of May. Their financial postings show an overall increase of two percent for the month of May. After taxes Betfair was able to bring in 61.1 Million Euro’s in profit for themselves, this is a 13.3 Million Euro increase compared to last year. Player activity was able to go up by two percent, showing that new people are still coming to Betfair after all of these years.

Breon Corcoran, the CEO of Betfair stated the following, “If it hasn’t been able to become clear by now, we have one of the most loyal group of punters in the online gambling market. I like to believe it is because we work hard twenty four seven to provide our punters with the best of experiences. Rather those experience be through our casino, sports betting platform or customer service center. Everyone at Betfair works hard towards making that experience come to life and we truly believe that is why we continue to have a rise in player activity.”

Betfair offers some of the best gambling experiences online, register an account with them today and find out why.