Belgium took down four new gambling sites

The online gambling in Belgium is regulated by the Kansspelcommisie. This authority is blacklisting the websites that don’t comply with their set of rules. This way the Belgium consumers are protected and don’t have to deal with the problems of not getting paid when dealing with the online gambling websites.

One of the latest announcements of the online gambling authority from Belgium was that they just added 4 new sites to the blacklist:,, and

The blacklisting process is simple. Once the websites get banned any internet user from Belgium will no longer be able to access those websites. The commission sends the list of websites over to all the ISPs in the country and right after that theoretically the websites are simply blocked.

As this practice might seem to be a good way to protect the Belgium citizens against online gambling fraud, so far it wasn’t very efficient. The main problem is that many of the internet service providers are not banning the websites and therefore people can still access the websites from the blacklist without any problems.

Overall this might seem to be a good idea, but in order to really work, there has to be a law that sanctions the ISPs that are not applying the blacklist and this way there won’t be any more problems.