Apple Fans Already Lined Up

The Apple iPhone 6 hasn’t even been revealed by Apple as of right now, the press conference isn’t until September 9th but the true Apple fan boys & girls have already begun to line up outside of Apple Stores all around the country. The iPhone 6 isn’t supposed to be released for another ten days but for the last five years Apple has always released their iPhones on September 19th. This is why fans in dire need of wanting one of the first iPhone 6’s available on the market have already begun to line up outside of the Apple Store.

apple iphone

Joseph Cruz, 21 and Brain Ceballo, 20 were the first to line up outside of Apple’s Glass Cube in Manhattan. They arrived at the store on Sunday, August 13th bringing a variety of things to keep them protected for the next nineteen days. Both men brought tarps, sleeping bags, chairs and a large amount of clothes with themselves. When one of them gets hungry the other will go to a local fast food restaurant to get some food, when one of them has to go to the bathroom the other will stay so that they can keep their first place spots. Fans of the iPhone have been doing this for years.

The line has now already reached a large amount of people, the line is already spanning across the glass cube with a total of fifty people already lined up for the new device. You can expect more than two hundred and fifty people to line up at Apple’s Manhattan store.