Anti-Online Gambling Fight Gains Support From PPA

The Poker Players Alliance, a US Online Poker Group voiced their opinion on the constant attempts being made by Sheldon Adelson and his coalition to stop online gambling as a whole. They wish to ban every form of online gambling urging land based gamblers to take action.

The Poker Players Alliance issues a statement on their website after they became aware that the Sheldon Adelson Coalition started aggressively urging State Attorney Generals to sign a letter that would call for the ban of internet poker and every other form of online gambling.

The Poker Player Alliance made a rebuttal post of their website reading, “This letter made by the Sheldon Adelson Coalition is a cleverly worded attempt to get online gambling to be banned all across the USA. They speak about the scope and the food of what the Wire Act can do but they are really getting you to support a new federal bill that’ll allow for the Wire Act to be expanded. It’ll be expanded to the point where online poker and every other form of online gambling will be banned nationally. It’ll become known as the Internet Gambling Control Act.

Fortunately for us the majority of attorney generals refuse to sign it.” The PPA continued by saying, “We urge players who love online gambling to take action against Sheldon Adelson by speaking to their Attorney Generals. You can help make them supporters of what online gambling has to offer.”