A Large Amount Of Information Stolen From Hacked Sands Sites

Earlier on in the month a group of hackers took it upon themselves to attack a series of websites owned by Las Vegas Sands. These attacks were made due to Sheldon Adelson making a series of comments towards the Middle East with one of those comments being that the USA should place a nuclear strike onto Iran.

Two days ago a video was released on YouTube which was eleven minutes long. During the video, which was shown by dozens of media outlets showed that the hackers were able to receive a large amount of the company records that were on the website.

Ron Reese, one of the Spokesman for Las Vegas Sands commented on the attack saying, “The hackers were able to reach a large portion of our internal drives and due to this they were able to take some of the company information that was hidden on our website.”
Reese also noted that this video is now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Nevada Gaming Control Group. The video is being investigated in order to determine what the hackers did in order to receive this information. We doubt that these hackers would be dumb enough to put key information such as that within the confides of this video.

This attack was able to cripple several websites which belonged to the Las Vegas Sands website. Sheldon Adelson has not made any public statements about the hack and we doubt he will be making any public statements in the near future.