44Wager Defendant Pleads Guilty To US Federal Court

Yet another defendant has been connected to the 44Wager Sportsbetting case. This defendant plead guilty to his charges in the US District Court. As of right now there have been twenty people arrested due to the 44Wager Sportsbetting case.

Craig Caffro, age 48 has plead guilty to him money laundering and operating an illegal gambling ring in the US District Federal Court Room. This is the latest plea is the case and the case has seen the majority of those convicted pleading to their crimes.

Mr. Caffro made a deal with the US District Court, Caffro had to fork up fifty thousand dollars that he earned from the illegal gambling ring. Mr. Caffro is thought to be the gambling rings bookmaker which is why he plead guilty to his charges. 44Wager has now been closed due to its known criminal activity.

Mr. Caffro is to be sentenced on February 26th, 2014. It is suspected that he will also have to spend some time in a federal prison for his actions. 20 Defendants have now plead guilty and all together they have had to pay back $1.5 Million of the $1.7 Million they all earned while the gambling ring was still active.

The amount of time that the defendant will get sentenced will be determined at sentencing.