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New Jersey Files Sportsbetting Case To Supreme Court

New Jersey, the garden state announced that they have filed a case to the US Supreme Court of Justice in order to legalize online sports betting in their state. If this was to be legalized by the US Supreme Court New Jersey would be able to offer all forms of online gambling in their state. This in return would make them the online gambling hub within all of the USA.

New Jersey voters have always voted to legalize online sportsbetting within the borders of their state except the last two times that New Jersey tried to legalize online gambling the federal courts declined their case. The US Supreme Court of Justice noted that only four states can offer legalized online sportsbetting and those four positions have been filled.

New Jersey asked two important questions to the Supreme Court and these two questions were, Doesn’t the Amateur and Professional Sports Protection Act go against the authority that we have as a state and go against the tenth amendment? The second question was, Doesn’t granting permission to only four states go against the principal of equal rights in our country?

The Federal Government in the past has ruled that New Jersey was able to offer legal online sports betting but declined to take on that form of gambling due to the time frame they had to follow for the legal online gambling they offer right now.

We are unsure as to what the US Supreme Court of Justice will rule in this online sportsbetting case.

A Large Amount Of Information Stolen From Hacked Sands Sites

Earlier on in the month a group of hackers took it upon themselves to attack a series of websites owned by Las Vegas Sands. These attacks were made due to Sheldon Adelson making a series of comments towards the Middle East with one of those comments being that the USA should place a nuclear strike onto Iran.

Two days ago a video was released on YouTube which was eleven minutes long. During the video, which was shown by dozens of media outlets showed that the hackers were able to receive a large amount of the company records that were on the website.

Ron Reese, one of the Spokesman for Las Vegas Sands commented on the attack saying, “The hackers were able to reach a large portion of our internal drives and due to this they were able to take some of the company information that was hidden on our website.”
Reese also noted that this video is now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Nevada Gaming Control Group. The video is being investigated in order to determine what the hackers did in order to receive this information. We doubt that these hackers would be dumb enough to put key information such as that within the confides of this video.

This attack was able to cripple several websites which belonged to the Las Vegas Sands website. Sheldon Adelson has not made any public statements about the hack and we doubt he will be making any public statements in the near future.

Anti-Online Gambling Fight Gains Support From PPA

The Poker Players Alliance, a US Online Poker Group voiced their opinion on the constant attempts being made by Sheldon Adelson and his coalition to stop online gambling as a whole. They wish to ban every form of online gambling urging land based gamblers to take action.

The Poker Players Alliance issues a statement on their website after they became aware that the Sheldon Adelson Coalition started aggressively urging State Attorney Generals to sign a letter that would call for the ban of internet poker and every other form of online gambling.

The Poker Player Alliance made a rebuttal post of their website reading, “This letter made by the Sheldon Adelson Coalition is a cleverly worded attempt to get online gambling to be banned all across the USA. They speak about the scope and the food of what the Wire Act can do but they are really getting you to support a new federal bill that’ll allow for the Wire Act to be expanded. It’ll be expanded to the point where online poker and every other form of online gambling will be banned nationally. It’ll become known as the Internet Gambling Control Act.

Fortunately for us the majority of attorney generals refuse to sign it.” The PPA continued by saying, “We urge players who love online gambling to take action against Sheldon Adelson by speaking to their Attorney Generals. You can help make them supporters of what online gambling has to offer.”

32Red Releases Mobile Version Of Italian Casino

32Red PLC, one of the largest online gambling giants on the internet announced the release of their mobile version of its Italian online casino. Thus by allowing for hundreds of players to have access to their favorite casino games from the comfort of their mobile devices. You’ll see various kinds of different casino games available on the Italian mobile casino.

The mobile casino is powered by the Microgaming software is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. This means that a wide variety of mobile devices will be able to have access to the Italian mobile casino without any issue. Online punters who decide to go to the regular PC Website through their mobile devices will now be sent to the mobile casino variant of the website. Players will be able to enjoy a variety of different features such as Roulette, Slot Machines, Blackjack, Table Games and more. Slots you can play include Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck, Spring Break, Ladies Nite and Mermaids Millions.

A Spokesman for 32Red commented on the mobile casino launch saying, “The mobile version of our Italian website will allow for Italian players to enjoy a real online casino in a mobile format. All you will have to do is pull your phone out of your pocket and you’ll have a wide variety of different games to choose from. We just hope that players continue to love the 32Red gambling experience.”