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Online Gambling to go online in New Jersey on November 26th

The Gaming Enforcement Division of New Jersey announced today that they are planning to launch their officially legalized online gambling on November 26th. This will allow for all gamblers in New Jersey to enjoy gambling from the comfort of their home and all of the land based casinos from Atlantic City will now launch their online gambling properties.

The original date that was set to launch online gambling in New Jersey was November 21st. The first date didn’t work well with specific land based casinos invented to launch their online casinos on opening day. This is why the date was pushed back by five days.

Nine of twelve casinos from Atlantic City has announced that they have made deals with European licensing groups to open their casinos on opening dates. You will also be able to look forward to a variety of big name online gambling organizations being a part of New Jersey’s legal online gambling. These organizations include Gamesys, Betfair, PokerStars, 888 Holdings, Bwin and Bally Technologies.

Online Gambling in New Jersey is being anticipated by a large amount of the state’s population. Since online gambling became illegal over several years ago gamblers all around the state have been disappointed everyday because they can’t enjoy their favorite casino games. All of those gamblers now look forward to the new legal online gambling that is to become available to all citizens of New Jersey on the 26th of November.

The CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts Robert Griffin commented on New Jerseys new legal gambling act saying, “I think this will allow for the state to gain a massive increase in revenue stream, over twenty percent of our overall revenue.

Four States against online gambling

A survey held and made by the Tarrance group revealed today that four states in the US are against online gambling of any kind. The survey was made over phone and only had roughly two thousand participants in it. The states involved in this survey were Kentucky, Pennsylvania, California and Virginia.

The poll showed a variety of different things. Voters in these states prefer land based gambling with over fifty person of the people surveyed agreeing. Sixty percent of the people surveyed though said that they don’t approve of online gambling and wouldn’t want that form of gambling in their states. The citizens of these four states also were asked which kind of gambling they prefer the most. The result of that question was land based poker. These states tend to be more traditional in their actions, waiting for other states to make the move and then these states follow. This eventually means online gambling will come to California, Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The states of Virginia and Kentucky are two states that still to this day support the ban of online gambling. Their ideals haven’t changed since the original ban of online gambling in the USA over several years ago.

US Senator John McCain was caught during the Syria Hearing while he was playing Poker on his mobile

The famous US Senator John McCain was just caught while he was playing free poker on his iPhone. He was part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the debate regarding a possible military action in Syria.

The Washington Post photographer managed to get a good picture of the Senator while he was playing free poker on his mobile phone. All this happened in a 3 hour meeting. This news managed to reach the press and it was all over the media.

Right after the picture was revealed by the press, McCain sent a tweet message saying ironically that he was caught playing an iPhone game during a Senate hearing that took more than 3 hours and the worst thing about it is that he lost.

McCain admitted without any problems the fact that he was playing the game because he was bored during the meeting. A meeting that was full of debates on whether the US should launch an important military strike in Syria, right after many people were killed due to gas attacks against the citizens of Syria.

Belgium took down four new gambling sites

The online gambling in Belgium is regulated by the Kansspelcommisie. This authority is blacklisting the websites that don’t comply with their set of rules. This way the Belgium consumers are protected and don’t have to deal with the problems of not getting paid when dealing with the online gambling websites.

One of the latest announcements of the online gambling authority from Belgium was that they just added 4 new sites to the blacklist:,, and

The blacklisting process is simple. Once the websites get banned any internet user from Belgium will no longer be able to access those websites. The commission sends the list of websites over to all the ISPs in the country and right after that theoretically the websites are simply blocked.

As this practice might seem to be a good way to protect the Belgium citizens against online gambling fraud, so far it wasn’t very efficient. The main problem is that many of the internet service providers are not banning the websites and therefore people can still access the websites from the blacklist without any problems.

Overall this might seem to be a good idea, but in order to really work, there has to be a law that sanctions the ISPs that are not applying the blacklist and this way there won’t be any more problems.